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Shift Engineer

When it comes to a Shift Engineer working in the Melting Department, the responsibilities become more specialized, often associated with industries such as metal manufacturing or glass production where melting processes are integral. Here’s a more focused job description for a Shift Engineer in the Melting Department: 1. Furnace Operation: 2. Raw Material Handling: 3. […]


A Manager in the Production Planning and Control (PPC) Department plays a critical role in coordinating and optimizing manufacturing processes. The PPC Manager is responsible for ensuring that production plans align with overall business objectives, optimizing resource utilization, and meeting customer demands. Here’s a detailed job description: 1. Leadership and Team Management: 2. Production Planning: […]


The role of an Engineer in the Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Department is vital in ensuring that products meet quality standards and comply with regulations. This position involves implementing quality control procedures, conducting inspections, and collaborating with various departments to maintain high-quality standards. Here’s a comprehensive job description: 1. Quality Assurance: 2. Quality Control: 3. […]

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